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At the start of every year, there is always a lot of noise about going vegan. It’s Veganuary, after all, a veritable celebration of all things vegan. I guess, since you’ve got your hands on this guide, that you are vegan-curious.


You’re tempted to be more plant-based or even go full-blown vegan (there

is a subtle difference in that ‘plant-based’ means more plants rather than only plants). You’ll find all the answers you need to take the plunge right here plus a handful of some of my favourite recipes.


Moving to an entirely plant-based (or more plant-based) diet can be rewarding for your health if you do it properly, and I’m excited to help you start the journey. As a nutrition professional, it’s my job to be interested in what you eat. I don’t want you to just be vegan; I want you to be a healthy vegan (or however far you are going to run with this). So, in this guide, I’m going to be lifting the lid on the things I think really matter about switching to a vegan diet as well as giving you some of my favourite vegan recipes to start you off on your journey.

How to go vegan

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