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No matter your role in life, there is none bigger or more important than being the boss of your own health. It is a sometimes-uncomfortable truth that you are responsible for everything that you do (or don’t do) in the area of your health and happiness. If you don’t like something and want to change it, you can. Often, people don’t take the same kind of approach to managing their personal lives as they do their professional lives. They allow the actions of others or even outside events to influence their health, their life and their happiness. This is the exact opposite of empowering – so let’s change that!

You cannot just take a view that there is no time for eating well or relaxing and hope to make up for it by shoehorning in a yoga class between trips to the supermarket and taking the dog to the vet. I bet you’re wondering how this can be done. Listen up. You need a plan! For you, this means you will not be making scattergun decisions on impulse and neglecting important aspects

of your life on a whim. Once you know what you really want for your health and for your life in general, you can plan to make the magic happen.

I’ll be giving you a structure I often use with my clients. That starts with figuring out what you want, setting your daily intentions, and learning to create habits that last – including moving your body in a way you love and doing things just for the joy of doing them (aka your self-care).

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

Figuring out what you actually want for your health (and your life) is really important. You

require a vision and purpose, a driving force. Without this vital piece of information nailed down – “what do I actually want?” – you will never know whether you have achieved your goals.

Once you are clear what it is you want, your actions and how you spend your time and money might change to become more aligned with the vision you have for your future self.

Work out what you want now. Consider why you want it. What’s stopping you having what you want? Consider also what you might need to have in place to support you.

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